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     Sergey Vdovin

Business Intelligence
/ SharePoint/ Project Server

In order to get first insights,
I recommend to read my December 2015 TechNet interview:



10+ Years of Experience with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

-          Database Engine

-          Analysis Services (+MDX, Shell Dimensions, UDF , Data Mining)

-          Integration Services (+Custom Dataflow Destination with PSI Web Services Calls for Project Server 2007-2010)

-          Reporting Services

-          SharePoint Excel Services (+Custom Excel Reports Processing with Excel Web Services, EWA)

15+ Years of Experience with MS SQL Database Engine (2000 – 2014)

6+ Years of Experience with Project Server – POC - development – deployment - troubleshooting

Resume is available on my site – for download and web view:



E-mail             sergey.a.vdovin@gmail.com

Phone (cell)    +7 (902) 151 4731

Location         Russia

Date of birth   20.12.1980 (35 yrs.)


2008 (4 years) — PhD Candidate (exams). Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Dynamical Systems Department, 05.13.18 - Mathematical Modeling, Digital Methods and Complexes of Programs

2004 (5 years 6 months) — Engineer at specialty Computing machinery, complexes, systems and networks. Ural State Technical University, Radiotechnical Faculty.

1998 (2 years) – school - Scientific university center (Ural lyceum), class with in-depth study of physics and mathematics

Experience (some of the projects)

Company    Independent Consultant

Duration         06.2015 - Current       (9 months)

Position          Microsoft Business Intelligence/ Project Server/ SharePoint consultant

Summary and Achievements

As a revision of previous professional activities several Microsoft Business Intelligence and
Project Server articles were accomplished including TechNet Guru award winning:

Project Server: Refresh calculated fields for all projects via PowerShell PSI calls

Windows PowerShell
Technical Guru
January 2016

 SSAS, SSIS: Extending Project Server OLAP Cubes via push-mode processing

 SSAS: Slicing and dicing over data differences between SSAS databases via C# UDF and shell dimension

SQL BI and Power BI
Technical Guru
October 2015

 SSRS: Merge data from different data sources into one data set inside SSRS report using XML Connection

 SSRS: Merge data from different data sources into one dataset inside SSRS report

 SSRS: End-user defined parameters set and cascading hierarchy

SQL BI and Power BI
Technical Guru
June 2015

 SSRS: Deduplicating unrelated details data

 SSRS: Join data from different SSRS data sources into data set


Special recognition from the TechNet community resulted in TechNet Wiki Interview:

Interview with a SQL Server Business Intelligence Expert and Wiki Ninja

The interview reflects my history, ideas and plans.

During this period some small projects were accomplished as well:

Project 1                     ”Project Center” IIS site migration
SharePoint/ ProjectServer 2010 to SharePoint/ ProjectServer 2013

Duration                     1 months

Role                            all in one: from negotiations to implementation

Description from customer: "external customer has a site from another System Integrator, would be good to recompile it from 2010 platform to 2013 platform".

- Several development/testing cycles completed - all the functional migrated and Visual Studio 2015 solution with deployment guide is delivered to customer.
- Unsupported and undocumented by vendor (Microsoft) calls to Published Project Server database (for authorization purposes) replaced by CSOM OData Project Server calls.
- SSRS native calls migrated to SSRS SharePoint 2013 integrated calls.
- Legacy application architecture yielded in restriction on Project Server Custom Fields values (current immediate resolution of malfunction) - explained to customer. Solution with SSRS reports modifications proposed (using UIDs instead of text values for SSRS parameters keys).
- Project Server 2013 Development Environment deployed from scratch in Amazon AWS:
-- EC2
-- Directory Service (Simple AD)
-- Windows Server 2012 AMI 
-- SharePoint 2013
-- SQL Server 2014
-- Project Server 2013
-- AutoSPInstaller

Results were delivered in 2 stages, analysis and full communication and delivery cycle was proved during first stage (with a lack of information and high communication and technical risks). During first stage the following was discovered about the site: 
A custom ASP. NET Internet Information Services (IIS) Site "Project Center" uses information from RDB (Project Server Reporting Database), Published DB (Unsupported and undocumented by vendor - Microsoft), aggregates information to display it to users and contains links to projects workspaces, Project Detail Pages(PDP). SSRS URL access with JavaScript used to render reports in EXCEL and PDF formats.
At the second stage the proved communication scheme used to deliver the final result with recommendations for further development


Project 2                     Project Online reporting consultations

Duration                     1 months

Project reporting tables structure
Reporting troubleshooting (restriction on custom field names for OData reporting)

Company    incoma.ru   (System Integrator)

Duration         12.2008 – 03.2015      (6 years 5 months)

Position          Analyst, Head of Business Intelligence Line

Summary and Achievements

The first task was to integrate internal Navision and Project Server systems – several previous attempts were unsuccessful – Project Server 2007 server side integration requires strong analytical capabilities and very accurate execution as MSDN product documentation states:” …Developers working with the Project Server Interface (PSI) can be confused by this behavior”. As a result, the integration allowed to get accountant data in Project Server self-service business intelligence OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes.

After that in the position of Head of Business Intelligence line I participated in various internal and external projects with solutions parts based on Microsoft Project Server platform and Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack.

The work included actions from solutions proposals started from phrases “can you offer anything to manage it?” and planning to ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) processes development and implementation and complex troubleshooting and support for even greater area over Microsoft platforms where colleagues could not find causes of the problems and solutions.

Work on ALM processes improvements yielded in some efficient techniques like complex report documentation: here business and power users, analysts, methodologists describe reports using test source data snapshots and display data flows and calculations graphically what from one hand injects testing algorithms directly into the documentation and from the other hand gives some relief to critical brain side – it altogether dramatically reduces the number of report development cycles and mistakes.

First years I provided most of the technical results alone, last 3 years i was teaching and working with a dedicated colleague in the department – as a result lately we were able to transfer information flows which required explicit presence to the colleague and I concentrated then on ALM and more deep technical aspects.

Stability of established processes allowed to deliver results partially remotely for 1 year and then fully remotely for 1,5 years (Bali).


Project 1                     Call Center
Duration                     6 months
Client                          Bank of Russia
Role                            Business Intelligence Subsystem architect

DWH (Data Warehouse) – from scratch, sources: Microsoft CRM (SQL), Microsoft Office Communication Server (SQL)
SQL Server Database Engine, SSRS, SSAS
- OLAP, live monitoring Dashboard with Windows Forms - .Net


Project included direct work with Call Center department head as well as with other department staff in requirements gathering. Source data extraction was built in collaboration with CRM and OCS colleagues.

Achievements and Results

Letter of acknowledgment from client for advanced reporting and analytic capabilities

Project 2                     Integration and Business Intelligence System
Duration                     6 years 5 months
Client                          internal
Role                            Business Intelligence and Integration architect

DWH – extension of existing (Microsoft Project Server) + separate from scratch, sources: Microsoft CRM (SQL CLR), SharePoint (SSIS SharePoint List Source), Security System, Exchange (extension of SQL CLR EWS - .Net), Microsoft Navision

SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, SSAS – OLAP (MDX, ,Net UDF), SSRS, SharePoint (+Excel Services - .Net, JScript)

ALM  – Visual Studio Team Services (Online, promoted and implemented processes: source control, requirements management, work management)


Project included various internal integration and Business Intelligence tasks resolutions.

Achievements and Results

Previously timely failed project of internal Navision and Project Server systems was successfully implemented. As a part of self-service business intelligence implementation Excel Services functions of SharePoint were promoted and used in parts of financial control system. Stable ALM processes were established.

Project 3                     Business Intelligence and Integration Server concept
Duration                     1 year
Client                          internal
Role                            Business Intelligence and Integration architect

SQL Server 2012 – SSIS, SSAS (+MDX), SSRS, SharePoint 2013

ALM  – Visual Studio Team Services (source control, requirements management, work management)


Internal promotion of the idea and implementation of [Business Intelligence and Integration Server] concept from scratch (inspired from Business Decision Appliance)

BI and Integration functions were migrated to the server.

Concept relies on AutoSPInstaller in Repeatable Implementation.

Achievements and Results

Uptime and stability of integration and Business Intelligence processes were dramatically improved.

Project 4                     Project and Portfolio Management System
Duration                     3 years, sequence of projects
Client                          IT department of Bank of Russia
Role                            Business Intelligence and Integration architect, Contracts Management subsystem architect

DWH – extension of existing (Microsoft Project Server)

SSRS, SharePoint 2010 (+Extension of Microsoft JSGrid, JQuery for projects  template management), Elements of Contracts Management Subsystem (LightSwitch HTML - .Net,  JQuery)

ALM  – Visual Studio Team Services (source control, requirements management, work management)


Key responsibilities included planning support, controlling, teaching and troubleshooting the work of IT department and colleagues from my department during whole Project and Portfolio Management System implementation cycles.

Promoted and established processes: Visual Studio Team Services (Online, Source control, demand management, work management with code reviews), SharePoint ALM – processes with 3 environments and 4th in plans.         

Achievements and Results

Stability of established ALM processes allowed to work partially remotely for 1 year and then fully remotely for 1,5 years (Bali).



Company    presshouse.ru               (Retail)

Duration         11.2007 - 11.2008       (1 year)

Position          System Analyst on Analytical Systems


Internal Business Intelligence Project




SQL Server Database Engine, SSAS (MDX), SSRS, Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007, cross-selling data mining, ProClarity Professional



Project included implementation of planning and Business Intelligence (SSAS, SSRS) system based on Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007 (planning and monitoring modules), MS SQL Server 2005, ProClarity Professional. The team consisted of 2 people – the second one was responsible for the DWH implementation.

Achievements and Results

Planning system – in a test cycle, Business Intelligence system: up to implementation of several Shell Dimensions, cross-selling data mining, Monitoring: several dashboards in PPS 2007 were implemented.


Company    merlion.ru  (Retail)

Duration         05.2007 - 11.2007       (6 months)

Position          Analyst


Internal Business Intelligence Project




SQL Server Database Engine, SSAS (MDX), SSRS



Implementation of business Intelligence system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Performance optimization of MDX reports. Structure optimization of the cubes. ETL processes optimization.

Achievements and Results

The system has been implemented successfully and now is in work use. Deep MDX experience was obtained as well as experience of working with complex big SSRS MDX reports.


Company    International Institute for Applied systems Analysis           (Scientific institution)

Duration         06.2006 - 08.2006       (3 months)

Position          Young Scientists Summer Program Participant

Scientific Collaboration Project




SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, SSAS (Data Mining)



Research with title:
Using Data Mining for Explanation and Prediction of Systems Behavior
Abstract in English can be found here:
Full Article (in Russian, with partial google translation)


Achievements and Results

After successful final presentation corresponding article have been made. The work will be included in the dissertation. 


Company    vikmaster.ru , telepayural.ru  (Telecommunications, Payment System)

Duration         04.2005 - 05.2007       (2 years 1 month)

Position          MS SQL Server 2000/2005 specialist

Internal Business Intelligence and Integration Project




SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS+DTS, SSAS (+Data Mining), SSRS



The first task was to find causes of prepaid cards state errors – the problem could not be solved for years. If a card has an invalid state it is unusable and clients are calling to support, support then changes the state manually. I was invited as a SQL Server Database Engine Expert as far as the billing system was based on SQL Server.
It has occurred that really the error state comes from numerous errors but none of them are on the SQL Server side like: call end IP packet can come to SQL Server before call start IP packet when the call length is near zero – the packets may follow different routes or there was an error in big and complex regular Perl expression which yielded in an incorrect number filtering.

After successful competition of the first task I concentrated on the evolution of the billing system and implementation of Business Intelligence systems based on MS SQL 2000/2005. Some of the tasks included integration of the payment and telecommunication systems.


Achievements and Results

- in dozens of times the performance of reports was improved

- availability of the system was increased to 24x7 (new index defragment feature)

- some hard-to-detect errors in system were found and corrected (this was the main task at the beginning of the work)

- additional services were implemented

- OLAP system elements were implemented (SSAS 2000, SQL Server 2000)          

- during investigation of the error causes some Data Mining experience was obtained – log tables, connected with the error states are good candidates for case learning tables in order to detect what changes in the system when it comes to an error state



Company    Self-Employed

Position          Entrepreneur

Duration         03.2005 - 03.2009       (4 years)

Project            Car incidents registration and drivers support system




SQL Server Database Engine


Creation from scratch of car incidents registration and drivers support system – from all negotiations to fixed price long term support contract


Achievements and Results

- A client-server system was implemented (SQL Server 2000, Delphi 7)

- Excel regular reporting via VBA and analysis via excel pivot tables implemented

- Support with fixed price contract



Company    Trading firm Tom UPI            (Retail)

Duration         04.2004 - 04.2005       (1 year)

Position          Analyst, Architect

Internal Business Intelligence Project




SQL Server Database Engine, SSAS


Technical support, development of OLAP system based on the SQL Server 2000, SSAS 2000, other different BPAs


Achievements and Results

- A client-server budget system was implemented (SQL Server 2000, SSAS 2000, Delphi 7)

- 2 versions of a client-server system for the trading group salary management were released. As a result, an additional premium was obtained due to the request of the trading group director

- The performance of reports in OLAP system was significantly improved


Company    Ural Bank of the Saving Bank of Russia, Headquarter         (Banks)

Duration         04.2003 - 01.2004       (8 months)

Position          Architect

Internal Project




SQL Server Database Engine


Creation from scratch of analysis and control system for credits and other banking products


Achievements and Results

- high-performance system based on SQL Server 2000 and Delphi 7 was implemented

- data mining capabilities of SSAS 2000 were studied and tested


Company    International Festival Spring UPI 2002      (Educational Institution)

Duration         04.2002 - 05.2002       (1 month)

Position          Architect

Internal Project




SQL Server Database Engine


Creation from scratch of client-server system for participant registration and management


Achievements and Results

System (SQL Server 2000, Office 2000, Delphi 7) was rated highly by organizers and participants, a corresponding term paper was defended, next festival used the system as the base for further development



Company    Administration of the customer service of the Kirovskii district (Public Institution)

Duration         07.2001 - 02.2002       (5 months)

Position          Architect

Internal Project




SQL Server Database Engine


Creation from scratch of client-server system for housing resources accounting


Achievements and Results

Complex solution for the housing resources accounting (SQL Server 2000, Delphi 6, ADO, COM Servers Word, Excel) was implemented


Company    Program Systems Institute              (Systems Integration)

Duration         02.2001 - 10.2002       (1 year 8 months)

Position          MS SQL 2000, VB6 developer

External Project


Client  Urlmashplant




SQL Server Database Engine


Development of different BPAs with MS SQL Server 2000 and VB6


Achievements and Results

as a part of the project following modules were released:

-SQL Server references manager (manager of user references in SQL Server tables)

-SQL Server file manager (manager of the files stored in tables of SQL Server 2000)

-System update module


Company    Scientific production association “Komatek”             (Scientific/Production Institution)

Duration         01.1999 - 02.2001       (2 years 1 month)

Position          Developer, Designer, Engineer

Internal Project




PostgreSQL, Borland Database Engine (SQL)


After the scientific centre school I showed outstanding results in physics and mathematics and was promoted by our radio-technical faculty dean to the company. Here I tried myself in different fields (designer, programmer, engineer)



Database specialization was chosen